What is Web Design?

Web design is a general term used to refer to any tools or services intended to create a website. A website consists of a group of interrelated information clustered into subgroups which are technically termed as web pages. These pages are linked to one another using hyperlinks. The role of web design in creating websites is to present the ideas, information, or concept of the owner into content in the cyberspace where everything is synchronous. Web design is an essential element in creating web sites because it appeals to the site visitors visually. When the design is effective and appropriate to the concept of the site, it helps in relaying the information incorporated within the pages to the readers.


A web design follows a specific set of syntax and code. The basic language used is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which sends commands to the browser on how to display information. A more advanced version of HMTL is the eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) which features extensive codes and syntax for added features of web design. Another language used is the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) which is mostly concerned with the design of the page only. There are circulating propositions to separate the overlapping functions of HTML or XHTML from CSS where the former should only be used when initiating commands to the browser while the latter is strictly for design only.


With the present trend, building websites for any type of business has become a necessity because it takes an important role in internet marketing and e-commerce. When a prospect customer needs to have information about your business, the instant reaction is to search over the internet. But building a website is not just about the information; when it is not aesthetically appealing to the audience, it defeats the primary purpose. Web design is more complicated than designing traditional print media because it involves several components. Unlike the traditional media, the designer should be technology-savvy and must be able to understand the logic between the codes.


Web design services are also a strenuous job. It requires a lot of time and effort especially in the maintenance stage. It is not enough to build a website and leave it like that because the World Wide Web is continuously evolving and there may be updates that are critical to existing websites. Creating a website is also costly because web design companies have to purchase a domain, maintain membership, and most importantly, hire web design professionals to build and maintain the site. Fees for web designers are competitive because there is a major trend in the market today to product web counterparts for physical offices or stores.


Creating a website for your business opens limitless opportunities for growth and online marketing. Advertising through the internet using your website is cheaper than the traditional television or print ones. It is also a lifetime investment that you just need to maintain to be on top of search engine searches.