What Does a Web Designer Do?

A web designer is oftentimes mistaken to be a computer programmer, although there are similarities between the two. The role of a web designer is complex because he sometimes takes part in being a programmer and a writer aside from being a designer. Web designing is a challenging job because the designer has to do multi-tasking at some point during the course of the project. An effective web designer keeps up to date with the current demands of the web industry and he continues to strive to make his websites globally competitive. The following are just some of the roles a web designer plays in the development of a website:


Acts as a team leader. A web designer does not only make design but also leads a creative team consisting of graphic artists, writers, programmers, and web developers. In this case, the term web designer defines a huge role that encompasses everything in the name of website development. Thus, he directs the entire team to a specific direction of the development process. He determines the strengths and weaknesses of the group and identifies errors and suggests improvements.


Acts as a writer and programmer. A designer does not only initiate design but also helps pools of writers and designers in the process of developing the project. A website is not only about the aesthetic appeal but also about the relevant content. Writers are responsible for developing content of the website which is not only important to the topic or the concept, but also has an advantage over search engine optimization. When there are immediate revisions of the content, it is expected that the web designer can handle tasks such as grammar editing and syntax. In SEO and SEM, keyword matching is important in order to be on top of Google searches. Thus, back linking is also a crucial part of a web designer’s overall responsibility.


Maintains websites and fixes bugs. When the development process is done, the most staggering of all is the maintenance. Here, continuous update is necessary. When contents are added, the designs are also changing. There is a need to be graphically-competitive that is why web designers must be on top of the game when scouting for new design trends. Security is also an issue for websites, so web designers must be skilled and knowledgeable enough in troubleshooting errors and fixing bugs as part of the maintenance task. This is quite daunting because as the internet evolves every day, new bugs and viruses are developed.


The demand for web designers is high and it increases at a constant speed as more users are hooked on using the internet for their daily need for information. In fact, web designing is one of the most highly paid jobs in the world because it does not only take skills in programming but also other fields like writing and graphic designing. There are many short courses available online, and through traditional school setup, that trains students on the basics of designing and programming.