Should You Get a Freelance, In-House or Agency Web Designer?

Online entrepreneurs need a website that is efficiently designed and optimized for purposes of search engine optimization. You have three options to accomplish this objective. One is to hire a freelance web designer, the second is to set up an in-house design group and the third is acquiring the services of a full-service design agency. It is essential to study the advantages and downsides carefully before making your final decision.

Freelance Designer

The self-employed designer is a one-man team. Most likely, this person works from the home and is an independent contractor who offers design services to clients. The primary benefit of hiring this artist is the cost. The rates of contract workers are relatively affordable since these people have very limited overhead. Freelancers can be more focused on specific projects compared to big web design companies or in-house staff. These artists work on one or two projects at a time. This allows them to concentrate on a particular endeavor. If the designer is knowledgeable of contemporary techniques in design and has the expertise, it is advisable to go for this freelance artist. However, if the scope of the project is too big, this person may not be capable of satisfying your requirements.

In-House Web Design Staff

It may be more practical to have an in-house team if you have frequent requirements for web design work. This will give you more control of the tasks of building strong online presence for clients. You can communicate efficiently with employees compared to an independent contractor so instructions can be given out easily. At the same time, clarifications and revisions can be done faster. You have better flexibility with regular web design personnel. Overtime, modifications of layouts and urgent projects can be scheduled right away. It is not difficult to accommodate high-priority work and client requests because the artists are just in the office.

In-house talents mean long-term savings. Although it is necessary to maintain regular payroll as well as purchase more equipment and supplies, you can expect better results and spend less funds compared to hiring a part-time agency. From the business perspective, these employees are part of the organization and can do multi-tasking. You have manpower at your disposal for other functions. Once your website design group gains extensive experience, it is possible to train them for related design services. This means additional revenue sources for your enterprise. Finally, all web design personnel are accountable only to you. Any differences of opinion and problems can be resolved promptly and with less difficulty.

Professional Web Design Agency

Your last option is to hire a professional agency. Agencies took a lot of time to build their organizations. The artists employed by these outfits are some of the best web designers in the industry. The only concern is the cost in choosing a big agency. The rates are definitely expensive and you have to cope with additional surcharges for every contracted project. Most of these companies have built a very impressive portfolio complete with a long list of contented clients. You can get your money’s worth even if it is necessary to allocate more budgets in getting the services of an agency.

The decision is all yours. You have to choose between three alternatives. At the end of the day, it will depend on the financial outlay and the quality of work that you desire. Do what is best for your business.