How Much Does a Custom Web Design Cost?

It is quite difficult to give a fixed rate for web design services because every website is different. Every client who is in need of a website has different specifications for their project. Some would require several web pages and embedded media files while others would just need an overview and contact page of their company. Others need two domains for their company – one is for information and the other one is for e-commerce. E-commerce websites, those which contain carts for selling of products and services, are more complicated, thus, they might cost higher than the usual. Also consider a web designer’s per project or hourly rate. Seasoned designers have higher rates than amateurs. There might be a significant difference in the quality of their work, but if you are open to a number of revisions, you might as well hire an amateur web designer and work closely with him.


There are many web design services online offering packages. If your project is long-term, this might be more practical for you. Among the inclusions in basic web design packages are the following: service of the web designer for the entire course of the project, unlimited revision requests, free domains, free email servers, and media and graphic files. The web design companies are usually a pool of freelance designers contracting projects for the project handler. In this way, you are assured of monitored quality work because there are managers ensuring that the designers are doing their work as expected. Also, if you choose to contract a designer using the hourly rate, you do not need to worry about tracking their work time because these design services companies have automated systems where you can see the daily progress of your project.


If you are a first-time customer for web design services, you have to conduct some basic research to avoid unreasonable rates given by either companies or individual freelancers. To make sound judgment on the cost of your project, follow the pointers below:

  • Create a realistic budget. Do not be so thrifty when setting your budget. It has to be realistic and should be based on the current market trend. You can ask colleagues about their budget on past outsourced web design projects, and from there, make your offer. Always consider the complexity of your website, the length of the project, and how you want the designer to communicate with you. Yes. If you want the designer to make extra effort in dealing with your meticulous taste, that is also a significant factor in price change.
  • Choose carefully. You should be careful in choosing a web design service; whether it is offered by a company or an individual freelancer. True, you can scout and catch cheap services but you have to really check on the service’s feedbacks and reputation. Since this is an online business, many will take advantage of your innocence. Vigilance is the key.


Once you have found your best web design service provider, you are secured that somehow your website will be competitive in the global online community.