Choosing the Right Web Designer for You

If you are a first-time client for web design services, choosing the right web designer may seem a challenging task. You might feel that there is a need for you to be technically-savvy of all the programming languages and software to use in order to initiate your website project. There is really no need for there are reliable web design companies online that can provide you with quality work and your money’s worth. All you have to know is that the quality of your website depends on the designer’s experience, reputation, and rate. Here is a quick guide on how you can choose the right web designer.



This is an obvious requirement if you are about to hire a web designer. Of course, you do not want somebody who cannot follow instructions, nor someone is a complete beginner in the field. Remember that a speedy process is tantamount to the designer’s skills. However, there might also be clients who prefer to hire amateur designers because they have lower budget. In such cases, be open to slow process and a number of revisions. Also, hiring amateurs would also mean that you have to constantly update them and provide very detailed instructions for them to follow. What is advantageous in doing this is that when this type of designer finishes your first project with him, he can instantly recall your personal touch to the succeeding ones, not to mention that the rate is lower than that of the seasoned ones.



Each business has its own style. That style defines the culture, value, and preferences of the owner. As you contract a web designer for your project, consider if their personal style coincides with yours. You can do this by checking their online portfolio. Seasoned designers can usually adjust to your style, but for amateurs, this is quite challenging. If you do not have a style in mind to incorporate in your website, you can brainstorm with the designer and ask him the most appropriate one for you.  The style should be based on your company logo, mission and vision, and the image that your company portrays to its audiences.


Social Media Presence

It is advantageous if you can hire a web designer who has established a strong social media presence. Not only can he connect you and your company with other reputable companies, but he can also provide you with services from other experts that you might need in the future. The goal of creating a web site is to give your company a position in the social media world.


When you have shortlisted a number of web design applicants, choose the best candidate using the following tips:

  1. Do not entertain an applicant if he cannot follow your instructions intently.
  2. Do not approve an applicant who cannot deal with clients in a professional manner. Thus, do not deal with a designer who cannot give timely updates when you request him to.
  3. Scrutinize their portfolios according to your preferences.
  4. Get valid references from their previous clients. Recommendations are always plus points to the applicant.
  5. Deal with a designer who you enjoy working with.